RBQ : 8277-1791-02

The company was established in 1992 at the family home of Eric Lecompte. In 1998, Gaétan Dussault and Julien Landry joined the first partner and the company has been growing since.
Along the years, L'Ami du Bois has built a reputation based on quality, confidence and the reliability of its products. Proud of its executions in several food chains, boutiques, pharmacies and other businesses, L'Ami du Bois continues its mission to meet your highest expectations. Our expertise lies in the manufacturing of custom-built commercial furniture. We have redefined the concept of traditional cabinet making by establishing a workshop on the cutting edge of technology. We use digital cutting techniques, computer aided design, cabinet assemblers, in addition to innovative procedures for finishing. We have a large production capacity and we are qualified to produce large scale projects. We innovate with materials offering a wide range of possibilities such as laminate and melamine. We offer you complete follow-through in your commercial project: from design to installation. L'Ami du Bois: your commercial furnishing manufacturer who allows you to optimize your marketing.